Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sometimes I Get Sad

Sometimes the passing of time makes me sad, and today is one of those days. It all started when Nathan put on Yo Gabba Gabba for Hudson. Hudson used to watch Yo Gabba Gabba all the time between the age of nine months to a year and a half. It's been a while since we've put it on and I instantly felt nostalgic. I remembered my little baby Hudson who was just learning to walk, talk, dance and do all those little things I found so cute. I missed it and as I fed Hudson his spaghetti dinner I cried. Both Nathan and Hudson looked at me like I was some kind of crazy pants.

It make me sad that you can look forward to something for so long and it's over in a second. Sometimes when things come to an end I get sad, not right in the moment, but weeks or months later when something reminds me of what was, I'll miss it. Right now I'm missing time with my siblings and being with them and laughing with them about the stupidest and silliest things.

The summertime is always I funny time too. I'm reminded of my youth and my adulthood at the same time. I remember the pool parties, the beach days, the sleepovers, and the carefree attitude of my adolescent summers while I, simultaneously, become aware of how different my summers are now. My life is no longer "carefree." I have a husband, a son, a job, a home, and tons of grown up responsibilities. Yet in return, my life is rich and full of so many wonderful and beautiful things: my husband, my son, my home, my job. So while the carefree summers of my adolescence are gone, I've never cared more for anything than what my life offers me now summer, fall, winter, and spring time.

And there are so many more wonderful and beautiful things to come in future seasons of my life, and when I remember that, I'm not sad. 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Texas Trip 2014

Earlier this week we got back from our trip to Texas. We went to visit my parents and some of my siblings. It was a trip full of food, family and fun. Hudson did great on the flight and was very cute pulling his own luggage. When we laded and got back to my parents house, Hudson couldn't get in the water soon enough.
That night my sister Summer and her husband Darrell arrived from Hawaii and we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse, which was my first time there and I liked it, especially the rolls and honey butter!
The following day was a busy one! Nathan and I woke up and went to the gym, and after Hudson's nap we went to ride the train. Hudson enjoyed it, but you can't tell by the pictures.

After the train, we went to the Botanical Gardens for some time and practically died of heat exhaustion, and then we went to dinner in Downtown Fort Worth. My sisterAmber and and her family joined us at Uno's Pizzeria. After dinner, we went to Sundance Square where they have a fun water fountain park available for kids to run through. Hudson had fun until the water started shooting high in the sky; he preferred it when the water was his size. This was my favorite experience of the trip. It was nice to sit and talk while the kids played and had fun.

The The next day we swam and that evening my mom and dad babysat all the grand kids so the couples could go on a fancy date to a nice Italian restaurant up on Amber's side of town

Brayden and me doing some yoga.
We swam some more on Saturday, and then that night we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards to see the longhorns and to eat some BBQ at Coopers.

On Sunday we went to church and relaxed, and on Monday, our last full day there, we went to Babes for some delish fried chicken. After dinner, we went bowling.

It's always nice to see my family. Thanks mom for a fun trip!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Laughlin, June 2014

We usually do Vegas each summer, but when deciding what to do this summer, Nathan mentioned Laughlin. I'd never been, so I decided it would be fun. We stayed at Harrahs which was great. It was very family friendly and low key--just what we wanted. We spent the majority of the first day on the beachy riverbank. Hudson played in the water, played in the sand, chased and fed the ducks while mommy and daddy were able to relax. We pulled the lounge chairs down to the water and Hudson played around us.

After a few hours on the beach, we went to the pool. At first, Hudson wasn't interested in the water, but after accidentally falling in (Nathan and I were right there in the water to catch him) he didn't want to get out. He had fun jumping into daddy's arms in the water and getting thrown into the air. Eventually, he didn't want any assistance in the water and floated around kicking his arms and legs all on his own. When it was time to go, we pulled Hudson out to get dried off, but he wanted to make it known that he was not ready to go and he literally went over the railing in the "deep end" and climbed back in and floated around all on his own. It was so brave of him. After fishing Hudson out of the pool, we went back to the hotel room and all three of us took and two and a half long nap. For dinner we went to a local Mexican food restaurant.
Day two started on the river, but Hudson wasn't as into it as before, so after about an hour we found ourselves at the pool. Hudson had a blast again.

For lunch, we went to the hotel buffet, then while Hudson and I napped, Nathan stayed down in the lobby and got some school work done.

After naptime, we went back to the pool and swam away the past pieces of day. That night we went to dinner at Black Bear Diner and ate more than we should have.

Nathan and I both loved the trip. We got everything out the the trip that we wanted. Hudson was so well behaved and showed a lot of growth, and learned to take some new risks. He listened well and had a fun time.We look forward to going back sometime soon.

Hudson Turns Two (6 months ago)

Now that Hudson's 2 1/2, it's about time I blog about his second birthday. Better late than never, right? We decided to to keep the day low key and we spent it together as a family. I took the day off and we spent the day doing some of Hudson's favorite things.
We started at the zoo, where he loved the meerkats and reptiles the most.
The gorillas were out and about too which is always a sight to see.
After the zoo, we did Hudson's most favorite thing, we rode the train.
When we got home, we had a chocolate cupcake waiting for him, because he loved chocolate like mommy and daddy, and he opened his gift which was a little motorized 4-wheeler he can ride around the backyard. It was a fun little celebration.