10 Reasons Why Being a LipSense Distributor Rocks!

If you have ever found yourself wondering why all those girls are selling lipstick and what could be so great about it anyways...here are 10 reasons why being a LipSense Distributor ROCKS! 

Reason #1: SO MANY PERKS!!!
There are countless perks to being a LipSense Distributor. These are just a few! Which one interests you?
Also, here are a few perks shared by fellow distributors and why they love this company:
  • "Going outside my comfort zone and I have grown in so many ways it's crazy, making lots of friends and playing with makeup as a job!!"
  • "Getting excited to actually change out of my scrubs (I'm a nurse) and want to get dressed up cute every day. My self-confidence has gone up"
  • "Seeing my friends get excited about the product and building relationships"
  • "I love the excitement people get after trying the product. I get excited every time I kiss my babies or run my finger on my lips to show people it actually doesn't come off....Oh and the discount and getting more lipstick."
  • "Being able to set my own schedule and timeline for selling and building my business. Super helpful if you're busy with 'outside life'"
  • "I like having an excuse to catch up with people. I had one old college friend drop by my house yesterday to pick up her order and we sat and talked for an hour."
As a distributor, we can get the product for up to 50% off. As a distributor, you automatically get 20% off each order! The bigger the order, the most % off you get. If you place a 50% off order you keep the other 50% of the money you collected from people! Sooo, if you place a $600 order you get 40% off and it'll only cost you $360, so you automatically pocket that other $240 or you can use it to buy more product. Really whatever you want to do with it!

Reason #3: WE MAKE MONEY!!!
Pretty awesome gig being a LipSense Distributor, wouldn't you agree?! We also make REAL money - and right now, with the growth period that SeneGence is experiencing, everyone's income is going UP!!! We make money off of sales profit and with our AMAZING compensation plan. As distributors, we have the opportunity to grow a strong team of girls who we can work with closely and develop relationships with and help each other on the road to success. Watch this video made by another distributor below to learn about the generous compensation plan SeneGence offers. We have THE most generous compensation plan of all MLMs. I know it is a little confusing the first time, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

How awesome is it that our job is to party... and then we get to send the hostesses of our parties on LIPSENSE SHOPPING SPREES. Yes...we get paid to party AND play with makeup! The parties can be home parties, Facebook parties or Pop-Up Shops. We can also have booths at fairs, expos, trade shows, fundraisers, boutiques, salon, tattoo parlors, etc. This is a really fun way to reach beyond your warm market, step out of your comfort zone, and share this amazing product with people you wouldn't be able to otherwise.

As distributors, we are able to move up in the business and "rank." Reaching a different rank distinguishes you as someone who has reached particular sales and team goals. It is a rewarding feeling know in you have accomplished something you set out to do. The cool thing is SeneGence makes it really easy to rank. For example, at SeneGence, you only need ONE person on your team to start getting commission checks; that's unheard of in other MLMs! The ranking is not a requirement in this business, but it is a cool feeling of accomplishment when you do.

I currently hold the rank of a PRINCESS and will soon be a CROWN PRINCESS!!! And I've only been doing this since August 2016!

We are in the first year of a 7-10 year momentum phase with this company!!! Although SeneGence has been around since 1999, this company really is at ground level and we need much more distributors in so many states! Barely anyone has heard about LipSense, and SeneGence offers so much opportunity as opposed to other MLMs. Seize the opportunity and grow your business NOW!

There are only approximately 168,000 SeneGence Distributors in the US! Think about this...Younique has 500,000, Avon and Mary Kay have over 3 million! Our business is nowhere near saturated and we sell products that work!

Our company is literally 20x the size that it was this time last year!Numbers don't lie... take a look at the growth of SeneGence compared to other companies growth (or decline) from March 2016-March 2017
  • L'Oreal: +4.7% increase
  • Avon: -2 % (decrease)
  • Este'e Lauder: +4.6% increase
  • P&G: -10% (decrease)
And... Wait for it!!!!SeneGence +2,030 % increase!!!
We WILL BE the worldwide leader in Skincare and Cosmetics! This is not an "If," but a "WHEN!

This video is AMAZING and she shows just how crucial it is to get in NOW!!!

SeneGence wants its distributors to find success as they launch their business and will reward you for your hard work. As you continue to grow your business and find success in the company, you can earn a $500 car allowance, trips to exotic locations, jewels and so much more!

LipSense is a WOW product. It is what hooks people and once they see how amazing LipSense is, they want to try out other products because they realize they are high-quality products that really work! We have everything from a full makeup line, to skin care, to parfum, to anti-aging solutions. We have something for everyone which increases your potential customer base!

Reason #9: NO PRESSURE!!!
It is $55 to join and there is no pressure to meet any sales quotas, nor are you required to hold X amount of parties each month, nor are you required to attend expos or shows. This is truly your business and you can run it however you want. You may dedicate as much or as little time to it as you want! The only thing we are required to do is sell $200 worth of product every six months (it can be cumulative), and pay the annual $55 distributor fee. I kind of compare it to a Costco membership which allows you to get wholesale prices!
Some people's main concern it not having enough time, but you are the boss here...put in the time you can/want to! If anything, sign up for the discount!

Reason #10: YOU HAVE SUPPORT!!!
If you decide to sign up, I will be your personal sponsor and teach you everything I know! I will support you 100% of the time and you will be joining a sisterhood. We call each other "SeneSisters"! You will be added to our team page on FB...you guys, we have THE most amazing, supportive team. You are not in this alone! Our team is #1 in sales and recruits in the entire business!!! We are doing something right!

Sign up Today!

Click here and select “Sell SeneGence” from the top menu and get started on this life-changing opportunity. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


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