My 2017 Goals

It's that time for setting goals and making changes. It has been a few years since I have written down new years resolutions, and I am feeling like it is something I really need to do this year. I tend to get consumed with all the things going on in my life and I often times focus on the wrong things at the wrong times. I feel like by writing my goals down I can focus my time and organize my life much better. These goals are in no particular order, rather I am writing them down as they come to me.

1) I want to be better with bedtime routine with my kids. It is easy for me to quickly shuffle Jayde off to bed and not dedicate and time to reading, singing or anything special at bedtime. I usually want to get on to activities that will be accomplished easier when she in bed. Hudson is a whole other challenge. About 2.5 years ago Hudson's bedtime routine got all messed up due to traveling, and I've never been good about fixing it. When we moved him out of his crib when Jayde was 4 months old, it has been a real challenge to get him to stay in bed. Hudson is usually up with us until 10:00. The times when I have been good about the routine, sticker charts and what not, he has responded well, but I slack off and get consumed in other activities and I don't focus on his routine. So this year I am going to dedicate time to my children at bedtime. I am going to get Hudson to bed at a better time.

2) Workout, get in shape and eat healthfully. After I had Jayde, I had said to Nathan that I want to be in my best shape ever by the time I am 35, well I turn 35 this year! That gives me 9 months!!! I honestly haven't been dedicated to getting in better shape since I had Jayde and she turns 2 in February. I am going to change that this year. I am going to change my mindset and make it a priority. I have done it before and I can do it again. This is going to require me to discipline myself to go after work. Too often I come home and get distracted by things here. I am not going to let that happen this year. I am going to avoid all distractions. I am going to come home, change and get to the gym by 4:00.  I know this will be the hardest thing for me, but I will do it!

3) I want to manage my time better. I think my previous goals will be accomplished easier with better time management. This will require me to cut out things like mindlessly scrolling Facebook or silly things like that and to not work on certain activites until the kids are in bed.

4) Be a better listener in my relationship. I tend to not truly hear what Nathan is saying. I want to be a better partner and wife who is less selfish and more giving in my marriage.

5) I want to blog here more. I know I say this all the time. I do enjoy writing on here, but with all the other thigns going on in my life this falls to the wayside. Maybe I can strive for once a month at least.

6) As always, I want to be more organized and keep a cleaner home.

7) I want to continue to grow my LipSense business and fully match my teaching paycheck with my comisison for LipSense. I am close! I also want to reach crown princess in 2017 which is a special rank in the LipSense world.

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  1. Now that the year is on its way how are you doing in your goals. I'd say you've exceeded your monetary goals


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